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A snappily written version of the Robin Hood saga – rivalry between heroic Robin and the Sheriff
(over who is entitled to money and over Maid Marian – who, in this version, is the Sheriff’s niece.)

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The wolf is out to get Red Riding Hood and has bullied three little pigs (builders and interior designers) into helping him.
The woodcutter’s son has fallen for Red Riding Hood and, with a bit of help from a good fairy, comes to her aid.


Other Projects!


Blitz & Pieces Poster

Our latest project Blitz & Pieces, songs & sketches from the 1940s, which had been touring around Leicestershire during June 2013 and 2015, had it’s special performance for our audience back at The Robert Hall Memorial Baptist Church.  This was almost the same show that had been on tour but with added sketches and of course a full stage set.  Our cast performed the songs and sketches amongst the debris of a bombed out house – all performed inside a little village church hall, complete with masking taped windows in case of any more bomb blasts.

Our audience joined in with the songs despite the heat of an early summer evening and showed that they were perhaps not as young as they looked by knowing all the words to the songs not just the chorus !!
If you would like us to perform this show for you please contact us, the show is particularly suited to nursing and residential homes, lasting just over an hour and full of songs and sketches that your residents will remember and want to join in.